Rhythms of a philosophical wordsmith


The Bigger Picture

Consider this scenario:


Kofi Asare and Hakeem Ahmed have been good friends since their school days. A few disagreements aside, they see eye to eye on most issues. Not once has their friendship been questioned. They stand by each other through thick and thin and hang out almost every weekend.

Now Fast Forward To Some 15-20 Years Later

These two friends who who also have a keen interest in politics after some hard work are elected flagbearers of the two main parties, ABC & XYZ. They share different ideologies on how the country should be run but ultimately, they both want what’s best for Ghana. Despite their heavy campaign schedules however, they still find time to hang out and share ideas.


Supporters of ABC & XYZ in a bid to see their respective candiddate elected are constantly engaged in a war of words which range from the cogent to the ridiculous. Unproven allegations are readily accepted as fact as a means of discrediting either leader. Some of these allegations are invented by the propaganda machinery of both parties to sew a seed of discord amongst them.

But that’s not the worst part…

Now the supporters of these parties move from being mere party rivals, to practically sworn enemies. They label each other with all manner of unnecessary invectives. Sooner or later it degenerates into a tribal argument. “Your people are this, your people are that”, conveniently forgetting that they are actually one people with a common destiny.

Ironically though..

The two men at the centre of the confusion still remain close. They watch football together nearly every weekend and engage in harmless banter – just like old times. Unfortunately their supporters don’t see this so they continue with the abuse- some of them best friends, others even siblings. Yet they’re being torn apart because of a mere difference of opinion. Simply put, the two flagbearers are living in amity but their followers are stuck in a meaningless drama.


Unity is compromised. No matter how hard the winner of the election tries to unite the people, or how much development he oversees, he will never have the full support of everyone. Tragic, isn’t it?


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